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Attracting The Right Rental Property Tenants

July 15, 2021

Housing affordability in sought-after areas is a continuing challenge across Australia. People continue to rent their dream home while they either buy somewhere else (rentvesting) or save to buy a place of their own eventually. For families and those looking to create some roots in a particular area, making your property a dream for prospective…

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What not to do: 8 Ways to send buyers running

January 8, 2021

It’s true, there’s no right way to sell a house, but you better believe there are wrong ways to go about it. As broad as your pool potential buyers may be, they are still human, so they act like normal humans. This means there’s a “rulebook” when it comes to selling your home. Buyers will…

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Four things to consider before buying a “renovator’s dream”

December 4, 2020

Thanks to reality tv shows such as The Block and House Rules, it’s now a popular goal for many Australians to buy a “renovator’s dream” and transforming it into a stunning home. But while the concept of renovating and flipping a home is simple enough, when it comes to real estate, actually doing it is…

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6 tips to make your garden more sustainable

November 10, 2020

Sustainability in the home extends to the outdoors – and it’s not just about planting more trees. Why not turn your #iso calendar into an urban renewal project, starting in your own backyard?   Native plants are great, but not vital Native plants are likely to thrive in our environment and they cut down the…

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Creating a functional study on a budget

October 26, 2020

With the recent covid lockdown and the potential to see it happen again, people are thinking of new ways to work from home and how they can improve the functionality of working at home without it costing a bomb.   Figure out the way you work These answers are not the same for all people.…

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