When is the best time to sell?

best time time to sell

There are 4 market conditions that make for the best time to sell. If you see any or all of these happening, it can mean it’s time to get your property onto the market. 1. Houses are in short supply Property values are a reflection of housing supply and demand. The more houses there are…

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How do interest rates affect housing prices?


Interest rates are affected by the cash rate set by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) on the first Tuesday of every month (except January) for the following month. This action has a far-reaching effect on the whole economy, and particularly on property values across the country. If there’s a change and your lender decides…

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Key facts about common real estate contracts

real estate contracts

When it comes to contracts, it’s vital to understand the finer points and know how they apply. Here’s a quick, informative read to fill you in on the most common types of real estate contracts in Australia. These are the three most frequently used real estate documents in Australia: Exclusive Sale Authority: for selling a…

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Selling a rural property

selling a rural property

If you’re selling a rural property, here are some insider tips that will help set you up for a faster sale and a better price. First up, take stock A rural property is rarely just the house. It will come with land and outbuildings, maybe equipment, machinery, livestock or crops, and other features such as…

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Buying a rural property

rural property in Orange NSW

You’ve decided to explore making the big move to a rural area. Everyone at One Agency Orange lives in this beautiful part of NSW so we can see why you’d get excited about it! While the advantages are well known, there are some key aspects of buying a rural property that are different from buying…

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An insider’s tips to your first auction

Your first Auction

The first auction you go to can be overwhelming and feel like a lot is happening at once.Knowing the basics before you get there is the key to understanding what’s going on,what to do, and preparing for the time you may be bidding yourself. Ash Brown, director at One Agency Orange, is a licensed auctioneer…

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