Known as the town that time forgot, Carcoar is 40 minutes from Orange and has a small population of approximately 200. It’s hard to believe that this sleepy town once rivalled Canberra as the nation’s capital, once used as the chief administrative and commercial centre of the Lachlan River.

The main road of Carcoar, Belubula Street is a wonder of architectural treasure (as is the entire town itself) resulting in Carcoar being listed by The National Trust NSW. Each of the town’s buildings has a story to tell, from one of Australia’s finest preserved courthouses to Carcoar’s Commercial Bank the site of Australia’s first daylight bank robbery.


Local Favourites

Antica Restaurant

Carcoar Dam

Kurt Fearnly Park

Royal Hotel

Stoke Stable Museum

School of Arts


Rustic Flamingo

Hospital Museum

Toy Museum