How long does it take to sell a house?

selling a house

Knowing the current average time on the market can be a big help when you’re planning to sell a house. According to, the current days on market for Orange NSW is 60 days. The times do vary depending on factors such as location, economic climate, and current demand trends. Our real estate experts have created this quick guide to help you navigate those variables and decide when is the best time to sell a house for the fastest sale.

The Selling Process

The timeline for selling a home begins with preparing it for sale and having professional photos taken, then, on to advertising and as many open homes as you need until the right buyer comes along and the settlement date occurs. Counting how many days it takes to sell a house refers to the time the property is on the market, which is the time from first listing to signing the sale contract. There are other parts of the process before and after this that you need to take into consideration.

Allow Time to Prepare the Property

Preparing the property is the first stage of the selling process. Go through the property and note everything that needs to be done, including any deep cleaning. Give each item a realistic time frame to be completed and get started on the big jobs right away.

“You can never start too early to get your property up to sale presentation condition,” says Ash Brown, Director of One Agency Orange. “It will take longer than you think, especially if you need to use trades for anything that you can’t do yourself, so allow enough time before getting the photos done and those final days before listing won’t be stressful.”

Getting your agent in before you start your to-do list is a great way to narrow down what really needs to be done. They know what people are looking for and whether any changes, updates, or repairs will bring you enough of an increase in price to justify paying for those tasks to be done.

How Long Does Settlement Take?

You also need to factor the settlement—the stage from signing the sale contract to the sale price being transferred to your bank account—can take anywhere from 30 to 120 days depending on what you and the buyer agreed to in the contract.

When is the Best Time to Sell?

The conventional wisdom that spring is the best time to sell a house is supported by PropTrack’s latest research showing November sellers see an average of 0.8 percent higher prices across all of Australia except for Darwin. The sunshine and feeling of new life in spring bring an uptick in buyers so the market becomes more active. The downside is that there’s also a lot of competition from sellers as more houses come on the market then so that shorter selling time could come at the expense of your selling price.
There’s no exact right time to sell a house. Market conditions have patterns, however, factors can vary to create unusual market trends. Your personal circumstances may also play a big part. Winter, traditionally the slowest time for real estate, could be the best time for you to sell a house if you need a long settlement or want to move elsewhere by spring. There’s also less competition in the marketplace in winter and you may prefer a slower pace during the sale process.

“It’s best to check in with a local real estate expert to find out what’s happening in your local market,” advises Ash. “They’re the ones who can sift through all the information about national and state trends and help you out with information specifically about demand in your area and what’s best for your particular needs. Just make sure you find one with a personal approach who will listen to you about your situation and factor that into their advice.”

For more information on timing a sale, see When Is the Best Time to Sell?

Sellers and Buyers Markets

A sellers’ market occurs when demand exceeds supply and generally results in a faster sale and higher prices. A buyers’ market is when supply exceeds demand and generally results in a slower sale and lower prices.

If you’re looking to sell a house quicker, it’s best to be in a sellers’ market. Your home may sell at a faster rate because there are more buyers looking than properties on the market and you may also get a higher price for it.

“Like most real estate factors and variables, though, this isn’t a hard and fast rule,” says Ash.
“Other factors will also be in play so get as much information as you can about the current market so you can weigh those up together and get a good, broad picture.
“An experienced real estate professional can give you tips on what buyers are looking for right now and how to make your property appeal to them so it stands out regardless of whether it’s a sellers’ or a buyers’ market.”

Average Days on the Market in Your Area

The average property selling time across Australia may not be the average in your location. The best way to research this is to contact a local real estate agent and ask them for some information.
You can also find this yourself by monitoring real estate sales in your area and note how long properties similar to yours are taking to sell a house.

Fixed Price or Auction?

It can be tricky to determine the right fixed price for your house, even after doing all your homework on recent similar property sales, withdrawn or expired listings, and overall market trends. Too high a price and you risk a longer sale process; too low and you may not get the property’s full market value. But even with an auction, you still need to set a reserve price—the minimum price you’re willing to sell the property.

Selling at an auction means the process, if successful, is all done in a day and no more open homes but it does give you less control of the final price and the time to consider offers that a fixed price sale offers.
The best strategy depends on your situation. Do you need to sell a house quickly or can you wait on the market a bit longer? Are you comfortable with the open home process or do you need a limited number of those? A professional real estate agent is your best source of all the details, the advantages and disadvantages of each selling method and what will bring you the better outcome. Make sure you’re working with an agent who listens to your particular needs and circumstances but the search will be worth it.

Useful to Know

The real estate term for how long houses take to sell a house is ‘days on market’ or DOM.

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