Only on Social Media

So, what’s all the buzz about selling your home on social media? At One Agency Orange, 17.6% of our properties exchange hands, off market, meaning it never hits RealEstate or Domain. That’s a big chunk of the market you could be missing out on if you’re house hunting. We’re proud to say it’s through our superior service and the relationships we’ve built over the years, we’re able to sit at the top of the off market sales record. Of the 124 properties and land we sold in the 2019-2020FY, 17 of those were off market.

Also known as an “Only On Social Media” or “database” listing, it’s a property available for sale that never goes live to the main property portals. Therefore, you’ll never find the property on RealEstate or Domain.

We’ve got some tricks up our sleeves to show you these private listings. Firstly, we put Facebook and Instagram to work, so make sure you follow us. Secondly, emails, each week we send out our property newsletter, letting our subscribers know about what new properties are hitting the market and thirdly, our database of buyers, which essentially does this. If you are looking for a particular home in a particular price range, all you have to do is let us know and we’ll do the rest. Bonus points if you have your finance pre-approved.

Because it works… not all the time of course, but in the right conditions, it works like magic and you can get a higher price. Plus, it saves you money on marketing costs. 

Thanks for tuning in today!
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Armchair Open | 2/377a Anson Street, Orange

3 🛏 | 2 🚿 | 1 🚗 | $549,000

Armchair Open | 55 Allenby Road, Orange

4 🛏 | 1 🚿 | 2 🚗 | 1214sqm

Armchair Open | 20 Bowman Avenue, Orange

4 🛏 | 2 🚿 | 4 🚗 | 1150sqm