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All landlords deserve to have their valuable investments managed with the utmost of professionalism in order to achieve maximum financial returns.

At One Agency Orange, we combine systems with excellent people who are trained in the industry to ensure you only receive open and honest advice and service. The right expertise and experience undoubtedly translate to establishing a stress-free business relationship, which ultimately equates to peace of mind for investors.

One Agency Orange focuses on several key principles to ensure your investment is well maintained:

  • Zero Rent Arrears Policy
  • Regular routine inspections (up to 4 per year in line with legislation)
  • Effective communication
  • Good tenant selection
  • Highly trained and qualified property management staff

“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured, and that is sincerity and integrity.”


Who is an excellent owner?

For us to manage your property effectively, we must have your trust. If you are unable to trust our systems and advice, we cannot manage your property effectively and achieve your desired outcomes.

Guidelines for excellent owners:

  • Owners who can trust us and are prepared to listen to our advice
  • Owners who understand and appreciate that excellent tenants will provide the best return on investment and therefore need to be treated well
  • Owners who are prepared to maintain their property to a required standard and allow us to do this within the timeframes we promise to our tenants
  • Owners who do not engage directly with their tenants

Who is an excellent tenant?

Many owners end up losing thousands of dollars on their investment properties each year because they have either taken the risk of allowing a tenant into their property who was not a suitable applicant. Or even worse, their property manager advises them to accept an unsuitable tenant just to get the rental income.

Excellent tenants are a huge asset because they will give the best possible return on your investment. Whenever we are assessing whether to place a tenant into your property or keep an existing tenant after their initial lease has expired, we identify whether they have the qualities of an excellent tenant.

Guidelines for excellent tenants:

  • Tenants who have realistic expectations of you as the owner
  • Tenants who respect us as their property manager, the property and you as the owner
  • Tenants who pay their rent on time
  • Tenants who look after your property and have it well presented for inspection
  • Tenants who report the required maintenance to us through our online maintenance system
  • Tenants who are willing to self-help when required (for example: troubleshooting maintenance before expecting a tradesman to attend at your cost)

What is an excellent Property?

When you have an excellent property, you can attract excellent tenants quickly and keep them happy which closes the loop on the best return on investment strategy.

Guidelines for an excellent property:

  • Properties that are well presented and well maintained. It does not have to be the best-looking house, but all maintenance issued should be rectified for the tenant to live comfortably.  
  • Properties that are well-marketed to attract an excellent tenant. For example, adequate heating and storage.
  • Properties that are located within our areas of service

We don’t want to be the biggest, but we do want to be the best agency in Orange and the Central West.

By choosing One Agency Orange, you are joining the family.  If you would like to change your property management over to us or find out more information on how we can help manage your property, call Simone on 0423 597 934.