Selling a rural property

selling a rural property

If you’re selling a rural property, here are some insider tips that will help set you up for a faster sale and a better price.

First up, take stock

A rural property is rarely just the house. It will come with land and outbuildings, maybe equipment, machinery, livestock or crops, and other features such as the water supply and timber values. All these items need to be listed in your contract and looking good at the time your property goes on the market. Allow time to detail the property’s assets and any unique attractions such as wildlife and geographic features, as well as getting them up to peak presentation.

Making everywhere from the main entry to the outer paddocks, the gardens, façade, interior, and verandahs look neat and tidy and with a bit of sparkle where you can, will give your property the best chance to show off how wonderful it is and attract a buyer who loves it. You need the fences fixed, the lawns trimmed, no rust anywhere, and those piles of rubbish you were always going to get rid of finally got rid of!

You need to be prepared to clean and do the rounds of fixing things up several times as rural sales can take longer to sell than city and suburban ones.

If you’re transferring water entitlements to the new owner, allow sufficient time to sign off and lodge notices, statements, and any required licenses. Depending on the area you live in, livestock being handed over to the buyer may also need a National Vendor Declaration or similar in the contract. For crops, you and the buyer will have to settle on who is entitled to it – and when, that’s an important point many people miss.

Partner with the right agent

Rural buyers usually begin their hunt online, checking out the general area before honing in on a specific location so it’s vital to get your listing with a local agent because they’re the person who’s most likely to be taking your prospective buyers for a tour of the area.

No one knows the value of your property better than the agent who lives there and has spent years selling property like yours. Not only does Ash Brown have this experience selling in or around Orange, he’s also a licensed Stock and Station Agent.

A great-looking for-sale sign is a must but an experienced local agent with a good online presence is far more important to get your property noticed and on a buyer’s shortlist.

Also a must are professional photos and a well-written listing. Check out some of ours for an idea of how well your property can be presented and the kind of features your buyers will want to read about. You’re so used to your property that you may overlook features that are high on a buyer’s wish list so read lots of current listings to get a feel for the best things to include in your listing.

Ash has helped loads of people just like you determine the true worth of their property and sell it at the highest price. Like everyone at One Agency Orange, he’s happy to share what he knows about real estate and is as keen about it today as he was when he got his start 9 years ago. If you’re short on time, he can help you with the latest research on comparable sales in the area too.

Planning for access

To ensure a smooth sale transition, it’s vital to have right of access well organised before the sale. You or the buyer may need access to the property at specific times before or after settlement. You may want to muster your livestock and move them on or after settlement or the buyer may need to bring their own livestock in before settlement. What arrangement do you want to make for crops the buyer will own at settlement

All these points should be included in the contract along with access provisions, obligations, and liabilities that are in keeping with what you and the buyer are entitled to.

Prepare the legal details

You’ll need to consider any environmental issues that already do or could affect your property as well as any potential disagreements between you, your neighbours, or the government such as stock routes, road reserves, forestry areas, bore arrangements, agistment, share farming, land and water, and any mining and energy agreements. Potential buyers need to be made aware of this, by law, so get all the details together and make sure you have everything in order before your property goes on the market.

One Agency Orange is locally owned and operated. With us, you deal with local people personally invested in making their branch a success but you also have the security of the large organisation backing us. Give Ash a call or come and meet the team in person at our office in Summer Street. We’re Orange’s friendliest and most energetic agency. Our service is all about making the sale of your property as stress-free and as profitable for you as possible.

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